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7278 Sherwood  
  Fowlerville, Michigan, 48836  

517-223-7809 - learntofly@helicopterairspecialtyservice.com

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Helicopter Air Specialty Service offers professional helicopter flight training; student, private, commercial and instrument ratings; including add-ons for fixed wing pilots. We operate seven days a week fifty two weeks a year. Get your training in all kinds of weather and in all four seasons. Our objective is to supply the highest quality and safest flight training possible in a dedicated training environment. This means that our training exceeds the minimum FAA Standards. We have a fully functioning FAA approved and State of Michigan licensed Heliport (E66) and the Flight School is State of Michigan licensed. We have two ground based helipads and one rooftop helipad. Two of the pads have Heli-Vasi approach lights. We use the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters for flight training. NOW HERE! The R66 for turbine transition and instrument training.


Helicopter Air Specialty Service has three full time flight instructors and more than enough helicopters so that down time for lack of helicopters or instructors is not a problem.  The chief pilot and owner has been training students for eighteen, accident free years. Safety is our business.  Two of the instructors are FAA Safety Team members and the chief pilot was appointed by the FAA as Flight Instructor of the year as well as FAA Safety Counselor of the year twice and was the Michigan Helicopter Association's Safety Officer for the past twenty-two years.


We have a maintenance facility on site and service both new and used helicopters. Our maintenance, service and overhaul facility is factory approved and licensed for the Robinson R22, R44, and R66. The maintenance personnel have experience with A-Star, Bell, MD500 and  Schweitzer as well.


We are a State of Michigan licensed aircraft broker that sells new and used helicopters. For a listing of items currently for sale, click here.


Each September, the airport hosts a Dawn Patrol fly-in that we would love you have you be a part of. With a pancake breakfast,
WWII planes, Young Eagles flights for the kids, and a lot of really nice pilots ready to take anyone up in the air. You can find more on our events page, but there is no entry fee for the event (only pay for your breakfast if you wish to have some).


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